Netflix Offline Playback Is Finally Here

Netflix Offline Playback Is Finally Here

Netflix offline

When it comes to convenience, it’s hard to beat Netflix. You can stream shows to your living room TV, to your tablet while you’re at the gym, to your smartphone while you’re waiting in a checkout line. The one big catch has been that you need an internet connection to do it. Netflix is great if you’re looking to pass time while riding the bus; less so if you’re headed to a subway with no wifi connection.

Well, as of today, that restriction is being removed. Netflix has announced it’s finally offering offline mode to its customers. Even better, this new feature comes at no additional cost to customers. 

The company announced Netflix offline viewing on Twitter and on its own website.

Starting today, Netflix offline mode is included with all streaming subscription packages. All you need is a device running iOS 8.0 or Android 4.4.2 and up, and the latest update of the Netflix app. Once you’ve got that, you’ll see a Download button, like so:

Netflix offline mode

Not all shows and movies will be available to download. To start with, it looks the selection includes most or all of Netflix’s original content. There’s also a limited variety of other movies and shows, with more promised to be on the way. Once you’ve downloaded the programs you want to watch, you can go into the “My Downloads” menu to see what you have accessible offline.

The offline playback feature is one that customers have been requesting for a long time. In the past, though, Netflix has downplayed or dismissed the possibility of adding such a feature, even going so far as to say that offline mode would “never” happen. But earlier this year, CEO Reed Hastings said the company wanted to “keep an open mind” about a download-and-go option. Not long afterward, we started hearing reports that Netflix was looking into it, and that the option could arrive by the end of 2016.

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November 30, 2016 at 02:41AM

VOTD: Every Story Is The Same [Video Essay]

VOTD: Every Story Is The Same [Video Essay]

Every Story is The Same

It’s now been six years since Kirby Ferguson released his Everything Is A Remix video series showing how the visual media of film and television have always borrowed from what came before them. Now a new video essay helps illustrate how this is also the case with storytelling across all sorts of media.

If you’ve ever had more than a passing interest in narrative storytelling, then you’ve probably heard of the concept of The Hero’s Journey. Coined by Joseph Campbell, it’s the general template for any given story where our hero ventures out from home on some kind of an adventure, encounters obstacles to overcome, and returns a changed person. A new video essay takes a cue from Community and Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon to break this concept down into even simpler pieces that apply to all kinds of stories, and thus illustrates that all stories are the same at their core.

Here’s the video essay Every Story Is The Same by Will Schoder:

There are 17 steps in Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, but Dan Harmon has broken that down into these eight more simple parts:

  1. A character is in a zone of comfort,
  2. But they want something.
  3. They enter an unfamiliar situation,
  4. Adapt to it,
  5. Get what they wanted,
  6. Pay a heavy price for it,
  7. Then return to their familiar situation,
  8. Having changed.

Harmon thinks you can easily apply this to movies, TV shows, books, plays and even songs and it holds up. Of course, when you break down anything to its bare bones, you’re going to find a lot of similarities, so this isn’t necessarily anything earth shattering. But it’s a simple way to think about storytelling for anyone who might be having trouble sorting out their own ideas.

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How to Follow the 180-Degree Rule While Shooting Coverage

How to Follow the 180-Degree Rule While Shooting Coverage

It’s easy to get disoriented while shooting coverage, which is why it’s important to be able to conceptualize the 180-degree rule.

When you’re shooting coverage, meaning capturing the scene from many different angles, it can get kind of dizzying and difficult to keep track of that all too important imaginary line that bisects the set, the line of action. Crossing said line would mean breaking the 180-degree rule, which can be cool if that’s your intention, but pretty disastrous if it’s not. Here to explain this concept and how to keep your marbles while shooting is Matthew Workman of Cinematography Database:

It’s definitely crucial to understand this cinematic “rule”, because the line of action helps keep the viewer oriented while watching the screen, and unintentionally crossing it could leave your audience confused as to what they’re seeing—in one shot a character is facing screen left as they have a conversation, and in the next they’re facing screen right. 

Of course, rules are meant to be broken, and plenty of filmmakers have broken the 180-degree rule to achieve different psychological and stylistic effects. One of the most notable examples comes from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, in which Jack Torrance has a conversation with Grady in the red bathroom. Kubrick does this to put the audience on edge; it’s a visual representation of the madness Jack is falling into.

But, since this is a rule you’ll probably be abiding by most of the time, it’d be helpful to orient yourself before you start shooting. Drawing up diagrams is a great way of seeing where the line of action is and planning out each shot in advance to avoid any mistakes.

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4 Things You Should Know when Lighting a Green Screen

4 Things You Should Know when Lighting a Green Screen

Shooting on green screen is relatively straightforward, but you’ll want to learn a few tricks to make the process easier.

At some point in your cinematic career you’re going to have to shoot a scene in which you’ll need a green screen—no big deal, it’s not that complex. However, you’ll want to make sure that you do a couple of things right, namely lighting, in order to avoid some major trouble down the line when you go into post to key your shots. In this video by Aputure, David Carmichael of Corridor Digital gives you five helpful tips for lighting a green screen like a pro.

Here are the five tips Carmichael gives in the video:

  • What is your green screen made out of: Are you using green fabric, a pop-out green screen? Are you having to use a blue screen because your subject is wearing something green? How reflective is it? Ideally you’ll want something that doesn’t reflect a whole lot of light, which is why Carmichael says painting a wall with matte green paint produces the best results. Obviously this isn’t always possible.
  • Light your subject first: It might seem logical to light your screen first, since it’s so imperative to light it evenly, but Carmichael insists on lighting your subject first. This is because, as he says, you want your character to “match the scenario they’re going in.”
  • Light your green screen evenly: In order to pull a good key, you’ll need the luminance to be balanced across the entire screen.
  • Exposure tools: Scopes really help to show you how well you’re isolating the green hue—one in particular works great, false color, because it allows you to see the luminance value in terms of different color representations on your monitor screen.

There are many other tips that will help you achieve a better result when lighting a green screen, like making sure your subject is far enough away from it to avoid any spill. Share your tips down in the comments.

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November 29, 2016 at 07:21PM

Lin-Manuel Miranda Joins on Fantasy Epic ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’

The Kingkiller Chronicle

Lin-Manuel Miranda sure does write like he’s running out of time. The Hamilton superstar has added yet another project to his to-do list, and in a break with his recent streak, it’s got nothing to do with Disney. Miranda will produce and write music for The Kingkiller Chronicle, Lionsgate’s adaptation of Patrick Rothfuss‘ fantasy trilogy. In addition, he could be involved in a stage adaptation somewhere down the line.

Lionsgate struck a multiplatform deal last year which will see Rothfuss’ books simultaneously developed for film, television, and video games. Robert Lawrence (Clueless) is producing. Today TheWrap reports that Miranda will serve as the “creative producer” and “musical mastermind” behind The Kingkiller Chronicle, composing original music and writing songs. It doesn’t sound like there are any set plans for a stage adaptation just yet, but if those should ever come to fruition Miranda has the option to come on board there as well.

Earlier this year the movie part of Lionsgate’s ambitious Kingkiller Chronicle plan moved forward, as Lindsey Beer (of the Transformers writers room) signed on to write a script based on the first book, The Name of the Wind. Meanwhile, the TV series will explore the world outside the books. Miranda will team up with Rothfuss to develop new characters and storylines for the show.

The Kingkiller Chronicle tells the story of Kvothe, who’s orphaned at a young age and forced to fend for himself. But through his talent and determination, he grows up to be a hero and a scholar as well as a renowed musician and magician. I haven’t read the books myself, but from here… I mean, it doesn’t not sound like Hamilton. No wonder Miranda’s such a huge fan, as he declares himself in the press release:

Pat Rothfuss’ ‘Kingkiller’ books are among the most read and re-read in our home. It’s a world you want to spend lifetimes in, as his many fans will attest. Pat also writes about the act of MAKING music more beautifully than any novelist I’ve ever read. I can’t wait to play a part in bringing this world to life onscreen.

In addition to creating Hamilton, Miranda starred as the title character on Broadway until he departed this past summer. You may have also heard his music in Star Wars: The Force Awakens last year — he wrote the cantina song — and Disney Animation’s Moana. He is about to begin shooting Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns with Emily Blunt, and recently signed on to help out with the studio’s remake of The Little Mermaid.

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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Announces Cast

star trek discovery cast

Star Trek: Discovery has beamed up its first three cast members. Doug JonesMichelle Yeoh, and Anthony Rapp are all coming aboard the new CBS All Access series, which is set about a decade before the events of the original Star Trek show. Learn more below, including details on the characters they’ll be playing. announced the new Star Trek: Discovery cast members today.

Rapp will play Lt. Stamets, described as “an astromycologist, fungus expert and Starfleet science officer on the starship Discovery.” Entertainment Weekly adds that Stamets is the gay character previously promised by former showrunner Bryan Fuller. While this summer’s Star Trek Beyond revealed that Sulu is gay in the Kelvin Timeline, the character was written as straight in the original series. Therefore, Stamets will be the first Star Trek character originally conceived as gay. Rapp, who is himself gay, is best known for originating the role of Mark in the stage musical Rent. His screen credits include A Beautiful MindDazed and Confused, and School Ties.

Yeoh has been cast as Captain Georgiou, who runs the Starfleet ship Shenzhou. Her involvement was first revealed by producer Nicholas Meyer last week, but today’s announcement confirms it. The actress can currently be seen as Lotus on Netflix’s Marco Polo, and she’s appeared this year in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of DestinyMorgan, and Mechanic: Resurrection.

And rounding out this first batch of casting announcements is Jones, who’ll play a Starfleet science officer known as Lt. Saru. Most intriguingly, his character is a member of an alien species new to the Star Trek universe. That should be right up Jones’ alley, as he’s been known to disappear into nonhuman roles in films like HellboyPan’s Labyrinth, and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and shows like The Strain. He recently reunited with Guillermo del Toro for the horror maestro’s latest, The Shape of Water.

Star Trek: Discovery will debut on CBS All Access in May 2017. More casting announcements are expected to arrive in the coming days. Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts serve as showrunners on the series, replacing Fuller after he stepped down from the role last month. Fuller remains on board as an executive producer, along with Akiva Goldsman.

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Jodie Foster Joins Drew Pearce’s Directorial Debut ‘Hotel Artemis’

Jodie Foster Joins Drew Pearce’s Directorial Debut ‘Hotel Artemis’

Jodie Foster directing Money Monster

Elysium was the last movie we saw actress Jodie Foster in. In the three years since Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi action film hit theaters, Foster has directed a few episodes of Orange is the New Black and House of Cards and recently helmed Money Monster. She’s now getting back in front of the camera with screenwriter Drew Pearce (co-writer of Iron Man 3) for his feature directorial debut, Hotel Artemis.

Below, get more details on the Jodie Foster Hotel Artemis casting news.

A press release confirmed Foster is playing “The Nurse” in the original sci-fi crime movie. The project, which the London-based production company Ink Factory is financing and producing, was announced this past June. Plot details are unknown, but Hotel Artemis is described as having “its own distinctive crime universe” with a few shades of LooperEx Machina, and Drive. The story takes place in the near future.

Foster is the first actor to board Hotel Artemis. In a statement, Pearce is understandably pleased about getting to work with someone of Foster’s caliber on his first feature film:

Jodie Foster is an icon, pure and simple. She’s an extraordinary artist, and to be working with one of the all-time greats on my first feature as a director is an absolute honor.

The Ink Factory’s Stephen Cornwell added:

Casting Jodie Foster is a real coup. She is an extraordinary talent and will bring something very special to the film. We are delighted to welcome her to this exciting production. Drew’s vision is unique and we can’t wait to see it brought to life by a stellar cast.

Marc Platt (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) is producing Hotel Artemis, and he’s looking forward to reuniting with Foster:

Jodie and I have enjoyed a long professional and personal relationship that dates back to our days together at Orion where we collaborated on The Silence of the Lambs and her directorial debut, Little Man Tate. She is an accomplished artist in every way, and [producer] Adam [Siegel] and I look forward to collaborating with her on Drew’s directorial debut.

Pearce has directed some short films in the past. He directed the Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King, about actor Trevor Slattery (Ben Kingsley), and a few videos for Funny or Die (watch them here). Years ago we thought Pearce would make his feature directorial debut with an original action comedyThe Long Run, but the Jodie Foster-led Hotel Artemis will be his first major motion picture as a filmmaker.

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‘Ghiblies: Episode 2’ Clip: A Studio Ghibli Short Comes to U.S. Theaters for the First Time Ever

‘Ghiblies: Episode 2’ Clip: A Studio Ghibli Short Comes to U.S. Theaters for the First Time Ever

Ghiblies Episode 2 clip

In celebration of its 15th anniversary, Spirited Away is headed back into theaters for a very limited run next month. And while you’re probably familiar with that Studio Ghibli classic already, it’ll be bringing with it something you’ve probably never seen before. Playing after Spirited Away will be Ghiblies: Episode 2, a Studio Ghibli short film that’s never been released in North America.

Head below to check out a Ghiblies: Episode 2 clip, and get all details on its U.S. theatrical release with Spirited Away

Ghiblies Episode 2 Clip

[via IndieWire]

Ghiblies: Episode 2 is sort of a send-up of Studio Ghibli itself. The 25-minute collection of vignettes follows the day-to-day adventures of a bunch of people who work at a Ghibli-like animation studio. In the clip above, several of them visit a hole-in-the-wall curry joint to try out an extra-hot dish. It’s silly, it’s cute, it’s utterly charming, and of course it’s all gorgeously animated.

While Ghiblies: Episode 2 was released in 2002 in Japan, for whatever reason it’s never played before in the U.S. Oh, and before you ask, yes, there is a Ghiblies: Episode 1, a shorter collection of vignettes released in 2000. But these films don’t appear to be heavily serialized, so you can probably just dive right into Episode 2 without worrying about what you’ve missed.

The short film will be playing as a sort of double feature with Spirited Away‘s 15th anniversary presentation. Earlier this month, Fathom Events announced it would put the film back into 400 theaters across the country for a two-night engagement on Sunday, December 4 and Monday, December 5. But apparently, demand has been so high that Fathom Events has now added a third date, Thursday, December 8. Click on over to Fathom Events for more info and keep an eye out to make sure you’re going to the version you want — the December 4 and 8 screenings are dubbed in English, while the December 5 one is subtitled in English.

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Join Us for NY Media Night 2017

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