Student Filmmaker Scores Distribution Deal for ‘Call of the Wolf’

Gravitas Ventures has picked up worldwide rights for the thriller “Call of the Wolf,” R.D. Womack II’s thesis project for the New York Film Academy, Variety has learned exclusively.

Gravitas has set a Feb. 7 VOD/DVD release date for “Call of the Wolf,” the story of two kidnapped and trapped strangers who must survive the brutal onslaught of winter and are forced to play a deadly game of survival to outsmart their kidnapper — a sniper calling himself “Wolf.” read more at


Sundance Screenwriters Lab Unveils 15 Writers It Will Support (Exclusive)

The Sundance Institute has selected the 15 emerging screenwriters and their 12 feature film projects that it will support through the 2017 Screenwriters Lab. Drawn from around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Chile and Iran, selected screenwriters will work intensively on their feature film scripts with the support of established writers in an environment that embraces creative risk-taking and the art and craft of cinematic storytelling. Radha Blank is a playwright, performer, and writer for television and film.



Film Comment’s Top 20 Films of 2016 and the Best Films Without U.S Distribution

There are few finer publications for film criticism than Film Comment, so while there is already an onslaught of year-end coverage, it is with great pleasure we share their picks of the finest films to arrive in 2016. Check out their full lists below, followed by their podcast discussion which looks at list-making before discussing their favorites. Things to Come, Mia Hansen-Løve, France/Germany 10.



NYC’s High Line inspired this sleek coworking space in Belgium

The two-story, 32,000-square-foot workspace, called Fosbury & Sons, comprises a mix of circular communal worktables and bar-height stations, along with a library, cushy reading nooks, and amphitheater-style seating. Exposed-concrete-and-steel ceilings and polished concrete floors lend the interiors a ruggedly industrial vibe, paired with midcentury modern seating in wood, chrome, and leather. The idea for the space’s hodgepodge of areas, both formal and casual, came from the many crannies to be found on the High Line, which itself incorporates a variety of seating types and where, the designers explained to Dezeen, “you can take different types of walks and discover something new each time.“ Take a look.



How lesbian cinema is being reinvented by a new crop of filmmakers and festival organizers.

These are certainly noteworthy films, but they only account for a small portion of new monthly offerings in queer women’s entertainment. Yet queer women, not to mention mainstream viewers, are not accessing these movies at the rates they could be, nor are they flocking to the LGBTQ film festivals that help make them possible. “In terms of consumption, the desire’s still there.



Screenwriters – Get an intelligent aid in your redrafting process! Introducing Scriptnomics!

Scriptonomics is the world’s most advanced script analytics system, revolutionizing the film industry by providing tools for competitive analysis of film projects. Their story understanding system can identify critical elements in the story line in comparison to other existing films. The company’s beta site currently offers automated script coverage solutions for screenwriters to improve the quality of scripts written and to collect as many scripts as possible. Scriptonomics provides automated analysis of story plot with an indication of structural problems, comparative films, a breakdown of character relations and more. Using Natural Language Processing the computer reads the script scene by scene to derive a plot beat structure using screenwriting theories such as Black Snyder beat sheet.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence analysis of the film script allows the company to automatically and intelligently match scripts and their writers with producers and filmmakers based on the script’s potential financial return calculated by their system.

Their system tracks the evolving global movie trends to uniquely identify and push the best scripts within their database of user-uploaded film scripts.
Scriptonomics is actively engaging screenwriters to join their beta at

Julia Roberts Is Coming to TV. We Have Some Ideas for Her.

Julia Roberts Is Coming to TV. We Have Some Ideas for Her.


Julia Roberts with her Oscar for best actress during the 73rd Academy Awards in 2001 for her role in ‘Erin Brockovich.’

Sam Mircovich/Reuters

Julia Roberts, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, is taking her first major step into the binge-watching age.

She has signed on to star in a limited-series adaptation of “Today Will Be Different,” a novel by Maria Semple (“Where’d You Go, Bernadette”), Annapurna Pictures said Thursday. No timing or network has been announced. But if Ms. Roberts is getting serious about the small screen, there are plenty of other projects that fans (well, some of us) might like to see her tackle.

Keep Adapting Novels

Ms. Roberts knows how to mine material about women who leave, find or misplace love. Her 2010 film “Eat Pray Love,” adapted from Elizabeth Gilbert’s 2006 memoir, did well at the box office, and her performance as a frustrated wife and daughter in the adaptation of the play “August: Osage County” earned her an Oscar nomination. “Eat Pray Love” has actually produced a real-life sequel opportunity: Ms. Gilbert said in July that she was leaving her husband — because she had fallen in love with her best friend.

Visit Unfamiliar Territory, Like the Upside Down

I’m not sure if Julia Roberts has any interest in frantic Christmas light displays, but it has worked out well for Winona Ryder in “Stranger Things.” Good acting on sci-fi projects that hit close to home, like that Netflix series or shows like “Mr. Robot” and “Orphan Black, is the stuff of awards season glory — or, at least, water cooler debates.

The World Needs More Erin Brockoviches

Who are the female activists of Flint, Mich., and the Standing Rock Sioux? Ms. Roberts may be a lodestar for the modern romantic comedy, but when she plays an activist, her work is just as memorable. The 2000 film “Erin Brockovich” centered around a single mother who helped build a legal case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company for toxic dumping in Hinkley, Calif. That role earned Ms. Roberts an Oscar for best actress.

“Today Will Be Different” would not be her first foray into TV. In the 2014 HBO TV movie “The Normal Heart,” Ms. Roberts played a doctor who fought for more financing for H.I.V. research.

Julia Roberts The Normal Heart Video by broadwayarchive

Stars Hollow Is Not the Only Place for Friendship Drama

The 1988 movie “Mystic Pizza” was a breakout role for Ms. Roberts. In her role as the pizza maker Daisy, we were introduced to both The Hair and That Smile. What happened to the women who grew up in the seaport town of Mystic, Conn.? The recent “Gilmore Girls” season proved that Connecticut has more tales to tell. Let’s hope that Mystic Pizza was not forced to go gluten-free.


Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in the film “Notting Hill.”

Clive Coote/PolyGram Films Entertainment

O.K., Maybe Just One More Rom-Com

I, for one, would be happy to see Julia Roberts head to Britain to reprise her role as Anna Scott, the Oscar-winning actress who falls in love with a travel bookstore owner in “Notting Hill.”

Has Anna weathered the rise of TMZ and the Kardashians? (Given that the movie is loosely based on Ms. Roberts’s insane level of celebrity, odds are good.) Has Anna’s husband, Will, been able to survive the e-book revolution at his travel bookstore? (Sorry, Will. Outlook not so good.)

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VR Together Launches with Support from Industry Leaders

VR Together Launches with Support from Industry Leaders


VR Together Launches with Support from Industry Leaders

VR Together, a nonprofit initiative that provides support to organisations and individuals seeking to create life-changing projects, has launched its platform to encourage VR for the greater good.

Technology provides us with the tools we need to do incredible things. Virtual reality can change what a person sees, how they think, what they feel and even how someone behaves, in part because we believe it to be ‘reality’. To this extent VR has been used to treat conditions including autism, PTSD, depression, anxiety and even promote recovery in paraplegics. VR Together aims to encourage people to utilise this power for positive social impact.

VR Together provides a platform where people can connect and engage with each other. Organisations and individuals looking for production studios, research partners, ideas or advice will be able to post their work and those with the expertise needed can offer help. By working together, these important projects can become a reality.

VR Together’s Board of Advisors includes Nonny de la Peña, CEO of Emblematic Group and fondly referred to as ‘the Godmother of virtual reality’;  Mária Rakušanová, Product Marketing Lead for Mobile, VR & Emerging Technologies at Samsung; Catherine Day, Head of AR/VR at m ss ng p eces and Sol Rogers, CEO/Founder at REWIND.

Sol Rogers said: “Supporting VR Together can be as simple as dedicating a few hours a week, a month, or year to developing VR & AR projects alongside existing commercial work. Think big, start small: reach out to others or brainstorm ideas which you feel could have the potential to positively improve lives or raise awareness of a cause. It’s the season of goodwill so we hope people will find the time to sign up and get involved.”

Catherine Day said: “We are really just scratching the surface when it comes to harnessing the potential of VR despite the speed at which the industry is maturing. VR Together’s mission helps us to acknowledge, and encourage the prospect of how VR and related emerging technologies improve people’s lives around the world.”

Register here and download the VR Together badge to let others know that you support VR for the better.

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