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Film: Brooklyn Basketball

September 14, 2017 Brooklyn is synonymous with Basketball because it has arguably produced the best & most professional players. The reasons are as various as the cultures that reside in the County of...

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“Hard Visit” – Official Trailer

August 17, 2017 I am excited to announce the release of the official trailer for my new feature film HARD VISIT – www.vimeo.com/picknroll/hardvisittrailer A down on his luck actor is rescued from...

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Art of Film Financing and Packaging

August 7, 2017 From what it means to package a film and specifically identify the various methods used by today’s filmmakers in structuring and raising financing to actionable tips and tricks for...

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Who’s Your Showrunner? 📺🎬

August 2, 2017 Coming Fall 2017 the Crystalship Writing Room and Showrunner Lab for Webseries #We Run This...

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