How much are the foreign film markets worth? | AMA with Roland Rojas of BidSlate

This week’s question submitted by Devin Dixon, Founder | Bingewave:

Q: How much is foreign markets worth? General questions with variables i know, but what is the high level allure? 

A: Many variables fall into what foreign markets are worth financially (particular territory, and what genre is appealing at any given time, length of film, etc).  The true “value” of foreign markets to a filmmaker is exposure.  Having one’s content seen by as many audiences in as many regions/territories is key to future growth; of course, the financial gain to one’s investors helps as well.  The extent of a film’s foreign reach will undoubtedly create a more desirable situation for the filmmaker’s next project.


Rolan Rojas | Co-Founder, BidSlate

Roland Rojas is the co-founder of BidSlate, an online B2B marketplace for licensing of distribution rights to media content. The platform allows content owners to negotiate and transact directly with global buyers. The entire process is done online, making for an easy, transparent, and secure transaction. BidSlate focuses on the fastest growing segment of the industry – independent film (narrative features, docs, series & short content).

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