Because creating film, television and VR/360 content is so hard, we recognize the need for a space where content creators can come to find all they need to make content creation easier. New York Film Loft provides access to the people, places, and things that creators need most.

Founded in 2014, New York Film Loft isn't just about a physical space...it's a collection of companies, organizations, and people committed to developing new ideas and supporting new talent through the promotion of collaboration and community. We host weekly industry networking, bi-weekly mentoring sessions, and screening events where members can receive constructive critiques and incubate new ideas.


We’re bringing together all the elements storytellers need for success under one roof. 

Our aim is to create an environment for our community members to grow, prosper and evolve. We want to be the place where the future of film, television, and virtual reality is produced. Whether that be through mentoring workshops, negotiating development deals with co-production partners, providing technical resources, helping to package projects for financing, PR & Marketing, or curating industry events and developing research.


If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."
- Henry Ford


The Space

We envision the space (approx 3,000 sq ft.) to be an open workspace located in Manhattan. It will have enough shared desk space for 40-50 members at a time, conference rooms, and a few offices for production rental/startups/festivals.

The general area will be reconfigurable to fit 75-100 seats for speaker/screening events and 150 standing for formal/social events.

Digital monitors in the general area (for announcements, ads, and to showcase member content throughout the day), as well as a sound system for events and a digital projector for screenings. Of course, we will have super fast Wifi for member use.


A New Production Ecosystem

The world of media & entertainment has changed. It has quickly leaned toward a digital future. Creators and entrepreneurs must change with it. Our space will be the new ecosystem for content production and distribution by forming working partnerships with entities and influencers who are innovating the media, arts and entertainment space. We currently have partnerships with funding sources, tax/legal, marketing & public relations, crowdfunding, distribution, post-production, casting & talent, artificial intelligence, and other creative/tech companies. We help provide access to services and resources that film, television and vr/360 creators need to be successful.



Our incubator is a 6-8 month program that focuses on producing independent films, short fIlm, tv/web episodics, and virtual/360 cinematic.

Through the incubator, we help produce 5-10 projects per year, mentoring them through the various production stages and into digital and theatrical distribution.

All participants will take part in a rigorous production workshop and receive mentoring from various industry professionals. They also are required to participate in all production/team weekly meetings along with New York Film Loft staff and selected mentors.