Google's AR ambitions push VR to the back seat



When Google announced its Daydream View headset last year, it was a sign that the search giant was ready to take VR to the masses. It's dabbled in VR before with Cardboard, but the View was a much more serious effort, with its fabric-clad design and user-friendly remote. Which is why it's such a surprise that Google didn't really spend a lot of time on VR at its Pixel 2 event. The company mentioned the new Daydream View -- now in colors! -- but didn't really say much more beyond that. Instead, Google was much more excited to talk about something else: AR.

Even though Google announced ARCore, its augmented reality platform, a couple of months ago, the Pixel 2 event was the first time the search giant could talk about it at length on a public stage. As a reminder, ARCore is essentially Android's answer to Apple's ARKit. With it, developers can create and test AR apps with a regular phone, no specialized hardware required. Last month, Google showcased several ARCore examples that let you travel the world, plan home renovations and desaturate the world around you.