Film Loft Incubator Space is a place where storytellers, entrepreneurs, and professionals from Film, Television, and 360/Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality come to build their dreams.  We operate as both a coworking space with a supportive infrastructure (services, relationships, resources, technology and events) and an incubator for both content creation and media, entertainment, and vr/ar startups.

Like other coworking spaces we of course provide our members with a beautiful communal workspace, high speed internet able to handle those big media files, conference rooms for those important meetings, a cafe to recharge and  lots of natural light to keep the atmosphere positive and full of energy!

We are what would happen if NETFLIX and WEWORK had a BABY! A Coworking Space with Production Services and Startup Resources


Our members get hands-on access! We provide them with opportunity to access the  latest production technology, master the fundamentals of production with in-person training & mentoring from industry experts, schools, brands, and top storytellers/professionals.


Through our various member activities Film Loft members have an opportunity to build connections within the industry. We help to drive warm introductions in a variety of ways both in person, via social media and through our online community platform. Members also get special invites and opportunities presented to them by our strategic partners. 


Bring your next big idea to life. We offer all access and opportunities for amazing production resources to help our members  including state of the art media lab, post production facilities, scheduling and casting, and even rentable equipment all at low or no cost to them.


  • Curated and informative workshops/events on Creativity, Business & Self Care for both entrepreneurs & storytellers.


To be the go-to destination for film/tv/vr storytellers, entrepreneurs & professionals who need to workspace, people, services, business assistance, finance, information, resources and industry connections.

To be a place of inspiration, collaboration, community and creativity. To foster creative cross-pollination between members, businesses, Film Loft staff and interns, and workshop facilitators.

To provide an engaging and nourishing space that provides unparalleled support system/infrastructure for all, as well as impactful events and workshops led by innovative and knowledgeable industry influencers.

To provide access to unique opportunities (access to distribution, contests and activities) as well as discounted services and goods important to storytellers and entrepreneurs.

To act as a production company, working with select content creators to create, produce, and distribute (theatrical/digital) original content worldwide.


Film Loft is the continuation and expansion of a community and movement founded by Daron Jenkins via his first startup, SCENE!PR, a community he launched in 2004 to help connect filmmakers with digital publishers which evolved into a community for media & entertainment entrepreneurs and startups.

What began as a single event to connect content creators with digital publishers grew quickly into a community of like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs who recognized and embraced the need of a group to develop warm introductions, to share advice and pain points and to develop collaborative projects. 

In 2015, on the advice of one of his friends he pitched the idea of Film Loft during SXSW at Mastercard’s/Mashable’s Priceless Pitch. We got tons of amazing positive feedback from the judges and from filmmakers attending SXSW!

That’s when he knew that bringing this philosophy and approach to a physical space with intentional community at its core provides a foundation and a place for members could truly create a transformative community.


Daron Jenkins – CEO

Carol Yeung – Sponsorships

Paige Culbreth - Marketing

Devin Dixon - Technology


We are currently scouting locations (Like the one above in Bushwick Brooklyn) in both Manhattan and Brooklyn within reasonable walking distance from subways. Ideally, this property will be between 5k and 8k square feet, enough room to accommodate up to 50+ hot desks, with the possibility of expanding as-needed.


Film Loft NY, Inc. is a legal corporation, est. 2016.


2018 Global Coworking Outlook

2018 Media and Entertainment Outlook

2018-2022 Media and Entertainment Outlook



  • Ideally (and centrally) located within reasonable public transportation reach of all four boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan), New Jersey, Staten Island and Long Island.

  • Innovative Coworking-meets-Production Studio model for niche entrepreneur/creative market.

  • Power of the intentional collective – each aspect of the business is overseen and implemented by parties or individuals who are brought on board not only for their skills, but for their passion for paying forward and creative calling with which they infuse those skills.

  • The property itself is strategically designed to accommodate industry focused content, creative programming, local activities and coworking needs.

  • We’ve already built a strong creative and entrepreneur network in NYC. Through a series of events and partnerships we have also already begun establishing Brand Identity.


  • Since it is a unique experience, educating potential members and the community-at-large about its usefulness and existence will be necessary.

  • Currently lacking in funding for the larger projects that solidify the marketability of the space (incubator, film festival, screenwriter lab, a production studio space, VR/AR development lab, digital media library etc.)


  • There is already a groundswell and strong buzz attached to this project – most people who hear about it are excited and keen to be involved in some capacity.

  • Many opportunities to partner with likeminded companies and organizations who want to provides goods, services or resources to this targeted/captured audience. Individuals and organizations have expressed interest in content partnerships.

  • There are alternate options for funding including grants and funding via small business, private investment, accelerators and sponsorships.


  • Competitors have the advantage of existing community, while we are building one from scratch.

  • Must be considerate of our target audience income levels in order to keep memberships affordable while providing quality. Including tech startups focused on solving challenges within the media and entertainment / VR space is extremely important.



  • Initiate incorporation and procure legal investor agreements.

  • Gather Crowdfunding Campaign Team and initiate campaign prep


  • Crowdfunding campaign (Indiegogo) video shoot & continued campaign prep

  • Nurturing community via blog, curated events and one-on-one meetings (team dinners, collaborative workshops, podcast shows, etc.)

  • Continue search for ideal property (to be leased)

FALL 2019

  • Take possession of property as per contract details

  • Begin accepting applications/hiring process for positions listed

  • Promote Space at Industry Events (Markets, Festivals, Conferences, etc.)


  • Month of friends, family, etc. come and help paint, furnish, set up, etc.

  • Set up tour for key partners, community leaders, and special guests.


  • Film Loft NY plans to open its first space in Summer 2020.


As Film Loft is a business with uniquely positioned goods & services, prices have been calculated to reflect the value of premium experience. A balance has been achieved between the target market’s ability to pay and the direct input costs, while market conditions, competitor actions, and the non-monetary value of all that’s included in a membership have been taken into account.

To counterbalance the ’boutique’ level of the pricing, the value for the customer is in the one-stop-shop aspect of all goods & services offered. Independently sourced, all of these components (office space, workshops, services equipment, etc.) would cost both more money and more time.


Film Loft current strategic partners include:

We also plan pursuing these additional partnerships in the very near future:

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce & Community Meetups and other Industry Organizations



  • Social Media: Active on Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter

  • Newsletter: Weekly news updates

  • Blog: Weekly blog post

  • Blog features: others writing about Film Loft

  • Weekly Podcast Show on Film Loft Podcast Network


  • Ads placed in strategic magazines, newspapers & community boards

  • Articles submitted to strategic digital publications (IndieWire, Filmmaker Magazine, etc.)


  • Podcast interviews

  • Speaking Engagements, Panels, Tables/Booths and other industry opportunities

  • Television/radio spots

  • Word of mouth

  • Personal outreach and community involvement in entrepreneurial & film/tv/vr/startup circles