We are specifically looking for:
+ Web Series
+ Short Films
+ Independent Films
+ Content producers that produce video content and have a regularly scheduled show or other serialized content
+ Independent Podcasters
+ Youtube Influencers seeking to expand their viewership.

Ideal genres are:
+ Action
+ Animation/Anime
+ Drama/Romance
+ Comedy
+ Cooking
+ Education
+ Ethnic Communities

How this Works…

1) Submit your work and sign the OTV agreement.

2) Head over to http://otv.bingewave.com and register yourself.

3) Send an email to otv@nyfilmloft.com letting us know that you have registered on Original Television (http://otv.bingewave.com)

4) Next, we help upload your first work so that you can start fast!

5) Once your initial content is uploaded, we will send you an email to notify you that your content is live!

6) Just FYI, We will upload the first content but after that you’ll be able to upload or remove future content yourself!

Submit Your Work

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us HERE.

These are the stories every filmmaker fights to tell

ORIGINAL TV is a tv channel brand owned and programmed by New York Film Loft. ORIGINAL TV seeks out innovative, creative and web series and short film content for fans of Independent Film.

ORIGINAL TV is currently helping independent content creators and visual storytellers reach millions of new viewers across a multitude devices and venues

It’s an Amazing Time to Showcase Your Content!

Original Television is currently busy building our collection. Right now we are inviting independent filmmakers and video content providers to submit their films (short and feature length) or show for review.

We want help our content providers to be successful. Therefore, Original TV offers our content creators non-exclusive streaming deals, which provides them the flexibility to stream their content on other networks.

We have an innovative and disruptive approach to media delivery and consumption that is designed to benefit content creators, advertisers, and patrons

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