Our team is on a mission to create a one-of-a-kind experience -  a content and technology innovation lab for both storytellers and entrepreneurs.



New York Film Loft is essentially an incubator entirely devoted to content creation and problem-solving for the entertainment industry (Film/TV/VR)


Instead of toiling alone in a coffee shop or on your couch, you can be part of a year-round community made up of tech, creative and business innovators who tackle the pain points and create innovation (and disruption) in the entertainment business.


We envision the space (between 15,000 sq ft.) to be an open work space located in Manhattan. It will have both shared desks for individual creators and dedicated work spaces for teams, conference rooms, a media center, podcast recording space and offices for production rentals/festivals/startups/organizations.

We'll have a intern bullpen for local college filmmakers who want to stop in to learn and work from time to time. Interns will also help promote member content via social media in exchange for free desk space and mentoring hours.

The general area will be reconfigurable to fit a sizeable amount of seating for events and plenty of standing room for more informal and social events.

Optional lockers for equipment and a kitchen for grabbing a quick bite between meetings.

Digital monitors in the general area (for announcements, ads, and to showcase member content throughout the day), as well as a sound system for events and a digital projector for screenings. Of course, we will have super fast Wifi for member use.



Our Populate Hollywood (PHP) Program coming Summer of 2019 for those individuals who have a strong interest in advancing their careers in the business end of film, television and VR/AR/MR/360 industries. With a core mission to populate Hollywood (and beyond!) with a diverse group of innovative industry executives of tomorrow, this summer program will select a promising group of summer fellows for a 6-week immersive program exploring the realm of possibilities within the industry in New York City.

This 6-week cross-disciplinary curriculum will cover everything from the history of the industry to foundational creative/business principles to the impact of innovative new distribution and financing models. Populate Hollywood Fellows will not only understand and experience creative process, they’ll learn the entire chain of production / distribution and will also discover how they relate to one another and work together.  By giving Fellows the unique opportunity to develop their professional skill sets through hands-on training, access to industry thought leaders as teachers and mentors and first hand exposure into how each piece intersects with one another, the Populate Hollywood Program is designed to give participants the foundational skills, the knowledge and the relationships they need to become agents of change in Hollywood.

Upon completing the PHP Summer Program, Fellows will not only have a comprehensive working knowledge of the ins and outs of filmmaking, but will also be equipped with the tools, experiences and relationships they need to play a critical role in how the industry evolves. We are looking for our inaugural class of Populate Hollywood Program Fellows to not only be inspired by our program, but eager to leave their own mark and continue to shape it as a dedicated group of alumni.