Join the Storytellers Lab 

We’re an incubator that is dedicated toward developing successful theatrical and digital content by amazing film, television, and virtual/360 content producers. 

We’re here to take you to that ever elusive next level with tangible support both from a technical as well as marketing standpoint. That means you’ll meet industry leaders, have weekly mentoring on your projects, and learn how to promote your work to become an industry expert. You’ll gain access to mentorship from industry leaders, a 24/7 place to work in the Flatiron district, access to film stage and professional equipment.

The incubator is designed to help move your project through the following stages of production:

  • Development
  • Pre-Production
  • Film Financing
  • Production
  • Post Production
  • Distribution & Marketing
You’re a creative entrepreneur that needs support and community to help grow. Here’s what we’ll provide for you:
– 24/7 access to any open desks and common areas, just bring your laptop and notepads
– Meeting & Conference rooms
– Mentoring hours with Industry Experts and Innovators
– Private speaker events
– Industry events and activities
– (significantly) Discounted Production Resources and Services ( still or RED camera)
– Onsite photographer (discounted rate)
– Digital and Theatrical Distribution Options
– And a bevy of other Incubator member benefits!
Storytellers Lab Membership: $450 p/month


If you are interested in learning more about the Lab or getting on our e-newletter, sign up below (THIS IS ONLY FOR THE NEWSLETTER, NOT TO APPLY FOR THE LAB). The lab will begin accepting applications SEPTEMBER 1st.

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