Filmfundr: The end of a Journey

Filmfundr: The end of a Journey

Filmfundr ultimately was not what the world wanted at the time, but in this rejection was an interesting paradox, because it was what it needed, but could not understand. Like may great things made by visionaries ahead of their time, in the years that followed the Filmfundr evolution to Centiment, Netflix continued to skewer the studio system, digital productions rose in relevance and big studios consolidated or began to die, most importantly, Black Panther and the plethora of other black productions showed that the world has a massive appetite for such content, all this culminated in the dormant product/idea ultimately being acquired this year.

The Lost Village at Cinema Village Theaters

On October 19th, THE LOST VILLAGE will be premiering at NYC's Cinema Village: 22 East 12th Street. Each screening (2:45pm & 6:45pm) is going to be a unique interactive experience for moviegoers from the moment they arrive at the theater.

THE LOST VILLAGE is sure to spark some conversation🗣 and questions about what to do about it all. The conversation will continue after select screenings as we transform the theater into a Town Hall meeting. We’ve invited small business owners, activists, legal experts, academics, historians, student sex workers and concerned citizens to participate in what’s sure to be a heated discussion on - the struggling Mom and Pop shops, loss of culture, student prostitution and NYU expansion that threatens the unique landscape of the Village.

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“ROMP” The New Urban TV Web Series Exclusively on YouTube

24 karat gold magic is what happened in the room when a group of urban music veterans came together and created an amazing new venture in the TV entertainment industry. Nail-Biter Productions is a Los Angeles company that was launched by Casinova Henderson the executive producer and Derrick Thompson, the creator/writer. Together, they coordinated to tell authentic stories from the progressive black male perspective.

Their premiere project ROMP is a new urban web series solely viewed online through YouTube. ROMP follows the lives of three best friends: a photographer, a music executive, and an investment banker, as they spar with each other and life while juggling their affairs of the heart. This extraordinary series explores the many dimensions of friendships amongst urban millennials.